Effortless Trimming

Effortless trimming and edge trimming

Bosch’s new trimmers impress with their new look and ease of use. First of all, it is an ergonomic design and a perfectly balanced construction. Other features include a two-spool system, adjustable shank length and tilt, swivel cutting head, attachable wheels, folding arc spacer and easy cord change and easy storage. To mow normal, strong grass that grows in hard-to-reach places, such as near walls or walls, along the curbs of streets or paths, and under trees, shrubs or benches, it is recommended to choose a safe Pro-Tap reel.
To mow hard grass, such as thistles, bent and other similar plants, a second spool with extra strong cutting cords is already attached to the ready-to-use handle. This mowing cord provides very efficient lawn trimming, providing the user with significant support in gardening.