Can The Gambling Industry One Day Replace Other Forms Of Entertainment?

Casino Games

Casinos have been around since the better part of the 20th century. They have made significant developments in all fields, making their games more accessible and appealing over the years. Casinos have even moved online and have been gaining traction exponentially over the past decade. The revenue generated by this industry indicates that it is not slowing down anytime soon. But why are casinos so exciting? What is it that makes casinos so compelling as to bring in so many customers every year? And can casinos one day replace other forms of entertainment?

Why People Love Casinos

Unlike other forms of entertainment such as movies, physical games etc., gambling at casinos gives players a unique opportunity: to put money on the line. People can place bets on the outcome that they want to occur, and if their prediction turns outright, they can win money. If they lose, they lose the money they bet. It seems simple enough, place bets, win or lose money.

This, in itself, is quite exciting, but it gets much better because there are literally thousands of games offered at one casino alone. There are games that have return-to-player percentages (RTPs), ranging from 50% to greater than 100%, based on the games being played. People have the choice to choose which game they want to play, depending on their interests. Some people might be interested in playing fast, bright, colourful slot games, while other players might be interested in slow games like poker, baccarat or blackjack that require patience and strategy. However, the main excitement about gambling is the concept of breaking the house.

Casinos games

Casinos offer games having an advantage for them called the house edge. The house edge determines the RTP of that game. For example, a game that has a 3% house edge has an RTP of 97 %. Making the house edge as low as possible and finally beating the house is the main objective of a gambling game. Most games offered by casinos have an RTP of less than 100%, but a few games like video poker provide an RTP greater than 100%.

The Growing Realm of E-Sports

The video game and mobile phone game industry are booming and have been gaining a lot of attention, and a lot of money is pouring into the industry. E-Sports is the term used to refer to the betting related to the online gaming industry. Once a tiny niche, e-sports have grown substantially over the years to one of the most popular betting opportunities for today’s youth.


So will e-sports and casino gambling one day be able to replace the movie industry? Even though the gambling industry might surpass the movie industry in terms of revenue, it will not replace the effect given by the industry. For that matter, the movie industry cannot replace the gambling industry either. They co-exist in the entertainment industry, but they cannot replace one another because they are pretty different in the type of entertainment that they provide.